28 August 2010

Kris Medlen is a Blogger!

Ok, I do realize that I declare some outrageous proclamation of love practically every time I make a new blog post.  I cannot help that.  The Atlanta Braves ball club inspires that sort of devotion and passion.

Somehow, in all the brouhaha and whirlwind of vacationing in Toronto and then coming back to hear that not only was Chipper not coming back, but Kris Medlen would be having season-ending surgery as well.  There were other family-related issues that were in the way of posting about these things, but no matter.  I'm starting now.

As most Braves fans know, Kris Medlen had to have Tommy John surgery.  I was so very sorry to hear this, because I do adore Meds.

The point of this post, though, is to make note of the fact that Kris Medlen has undergone a successful Tommy John surgery, and he's now blogging about his recovery!

You can read the blog at http://krismedlen.blogspot.com.  (I've also put the link on the sidebar, over there.)

In other news, posts you can expect from me in the near future:
1.  Thoughts on Derrek Lee (requested by blog contributor Adriane, though she refuses to do it herself... :P)
2.  Gameday Photos from Triple-A Gwinnett (also known as "I'm Stalkin' Troy Glaus, Y'all!")
3.  Gameday Photos from the current Marlins series
4.  An update on my favorite former Braves and Blue Jays players (namely Yunel, Gregor, and Marco Scutaro)
5.  More Blue Jays Love (hopefully complete with a Venn Diagram.  not sure how I'm going to work that in, but it's going to happen)

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Steve G. said...

Sweet! Now I can follow, so that I can say I'm following a big league ballplayer.