02 September 2010

Early Birthday Celebratory Baseball Action!

Note:  This is out of order.  I know I went to 3 other games before I went to this one, but I just got these photos edited first.  ~1300 photos is a daunting task, but 300?  That's nice and manageable.  Plus, "UM, HELLO?!" (a la Angelina of the Jersey Shore.  Oh that's right, I went there.)  It is Freddie Freeman's first game!

So my good friend Laura (MY FIRST READER! :), in spite of the tendinitis in her right hand (I'm talking 2 tendons and in a sling, y'all), decided to take me to the Braves/Mets game because she's super awesome sweet.   I'm talking seats with foul balls whizzing over my head.

Though we left Lilburn around 4 PM, we missed Braves BP and whatever shenanigans attached to BP.  Traffic was a bit worse than I thought, and there was a teeny bit of miscommunication about when we should have left.  Oops, my bad.  Not that I was expecting another wave.  :P  We did, however, meet up with Lauren of Braves Love over by the Designated Driver stand, where we also met LizzieBeth.  Then we discussed Braves BP for a little bit before Laura got me a Prado shirt (insert internal freak out moment).  :D  So happy.  Then we sat down, and I spied on Lauren with my telephoto lens from across the diamond.  (She was in 119, I was in 118.  It was a perfect arrangement.  I catch the 3rd base side and she catches 1st base side... two different fan perspectives from the same game!)

Oh.  And.  We caught Mets BP.  I wasn't particularly enthused about it because:  1. I mostly want to go to Mets games to see Frenchy.  The old Parkview ties die hard, and you always want to see someone from your hometown do well and make it.  You also want to tease them about borrowing copious amounts of notebook paper from you back in those days... so long ago... ok, ew.  I'm dating myself, I'll stop.  2. The Mets are sort of boring during BP.  I only wanted to see Angel Pagan and David Wright (maybe a side of Ruben Tejada with his dimples).  I was also busy stuffing my face with pizza when 1 of the 3 2 Mets I'm even remotely interested in came around.  Angel Pagan is awesome and he's on my fantasy team.  However, he's benched this week because of the series with the Mets.  Hey, he was gonna be shut down by the Braves anyway, so why do that to my fantasy team?  But evidently, no playing for him today, so I missed my photo ops with him because of pizza.  Boo.  I made up for it by taking David Wright photos.  He didn't approve.  You'll see what I mean later.

STRETCH!! Hinske & Brooksy!
(I love Phil Falco's expression here)

Eddie Perez, goofing around with a ball

Carter.  Cute.  Very cute.
Don't know who he is, but he was playing RF, I think.
All I noticed was "Cute."  *shrug*

EP is waving at some fans...
More importantly, WHERE IS HANNAH MONTANA?
(Lauren says she saw the backpack.  I'm unconvinced as of 6:26 PM.)


Martin & JJ handshakes

Meds + Arm Contraption with Rossy, Huddy, and D-Lowe

Ankiel:  "Ain't no thang."
Phenomenal & Busy out in CF tonight.

Tommy about to unleash
So I was sitting in section 118, which is prime RHP photo taking location.  (Also prime third baseman and shortstop photo ops galore!!  So... close...)  But the third base coach for the Mets, Hale, was constantly in my way.  I was lucky if I could see Tommy's head, much less his pitching mechanics (friend Eric likes photos of pitching mechanics--he wants to be a pitcher).  The above photo was the result of many frustrated attempts.  Tommy looks a little awkward, but the colors are cool, and most importantly, the image is sharp and in focus.  Also, I want you to note, readers, that he is NOT sticking out his tongue.  For once.

Like a good fielder, Hinske is there.
... Sorry I couldn't resist.  BUT!  Check out that grin!

Martin, looking like an awkward kid.
I think he caught me taking photos of him...
embarrassed.  But not enough to ever stop. :)

I cannot for the life of me figure out Freddie Freeman's walk up song.  I heard it while I was at the G-Braves game.  Lauren and I discussed this today, and while we both recognize it, neither of us can figure it out.  It's going to drive me crazy.  All I could think, though, was "Isn't this song too old for you?"

David Wright, Confused and Disapproving, Take 1
Oh, he looked right at me.  At which point, I immediately set the camera down and pretended that, no, I would NEVER aim my camera at you like paparazzi, I'm a classy young lady who is very proper and certainly does not giggle about funny expressions in candid photos.  No, never.  

He didn't buy it.  

Happy Freddie!  He looks better here than his jumbotron mugshot.


My friend, Jared, upon viewing this photo:  "Is that his tongue?
He's excited like when a dog is excited and happy!!"
(He didn't mean it insultingly.)  PS Lauren, this one is for you.

Brooksy avoiding an inside pitch.

Pelfrey about to let loose
 See, OUR third base coach (Snitker) knows how to stand in such a way that he isn't blocking my view.  He's very considerate, and I love him.

Omar, being a BAMF
Jared:  "He looks like a f***ing velociraptor!"

The only halfway decent photo I managed of BMac.
(Also sticking out his tongue, I'll have you know.)



David Wright, Disapproval Take Two.
He's serious this time.

Rick Ankiel making friends with Ruben Tejada.  :)

This is for you, Adriane.

Oh, Laura.  Look what I got you.  :)

Tommy looks annoyed.

Caption ideas??  :)
I seriously don't know how to caption this one.  BUT.... out of focus Brooksy looks like a BAMF out there.

I dig this shot, if I do say so myself.  FOCUS PLAY

After J-Hey's CS... It's all right, kiddo.

Well, what do you know?  It's Everyday Jonny

just a dugout shot.  Freddie's next to Huddy, Hinske's chatting with Troy.  <3


Not a spectacular shot of D-Lee, but the best one I've gotten, ever.
So it's staying.
GREAT game.  Tommy pitched great and he laid down a nice bunt.  Laura and I watched a few foul balls whiz towards us.  And Ankiel... so busy out there in CF... with that SPECTACULAR CATCH.  Seriously.  Y'all missed out if you weren't there.  He was so good, and he had himself a nice day at the plate too.  :)  

I wish I could go to EVERY game.  Lauren wants to turn one of the suites into a studio at Turner Field.  I want an apartment.  GAMES EVERY DAY!  We have several business plans, she and I.  Braves Front Office, are you paying attention?  ;)

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Lauren T. said...

- That first photo of Ske looks naughty. ;)
- I have a pic of Hannah Montana coming back from the 'pen! I'll put it on Braves Love!
- Rossy, the girls are the OTHER direction. :D
- There's my He-Man again, running in front of the State Farm sign. So cute!

Actually, they're all cute today. Everyone's cute, ever. (Except Chipper.)