02 August 2010

Craiggie to the Game, Aly to Work

So Craig just informed me that he was going to the Braves game with his dad.  However, I am pretty much the only one of my friends who 1) brings a camera, and 2) takes pictures at Braves games (or really, any event, for that matter).  So don't expect any game-day pictures.  Unless Craig just happens to surprise me and did indeed take his camera with him... I'm crossing my fingers... but I'm not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, I'll be watching the Show on tv... which will be on ESPN.  No Chip Carray, but possibly Joe Morgan?  (You can't see me, but I'm making a face as hard as I can.)  But he's better than Kevin Millar.  CHIP is better than Kevin Millar.  Really, though, it all just makes me miss Skip Caray.
Edit:  I forgot.  I live in Atlanta, and therefore the game would obviously be on SportsSouth and NOT ESPN.  However, the ATL/NYM game IS being aired on ESPN, so my point about Joe Morgan still stands.  ::shudder::

Mark Bowman (in the only useful capacity that he has) has just reported that the Braves will send Martin Prado to the disabled list, and call up Diory Hernandez.  Once Craig reads this, he can confirm that I totally called this move.  If only Mark Bowman ONLY reported things such as this, I would be quite happy with his work.  But no.  He's interviewed.  He analyzes.  He's unfair to the players that he deems not worthy.  It's a good thing he doesn't actually have anything to do with scouting or managing the team, or the Braves would be f#$%ed.

Enough about that guy.

Timmy is pitching against Johan Santana tonight.  I'm expecting some revenge.  I'm disappointed that Martin will have no part in this revenge, but that's just how it is.  Luckily for the Braves though, when one All-Star is injured, another All-Star can replace him.  :)  I have no doubt that Omar will be perfectly up to the task of handing Santana a loss.

Meanwhile, I am preparing for my trip to Toronto, during which I hope to catch at least one Blue Jays game!  Yay!  I haven't gone in YEARS, and this time around, I actually know who is on the team!!  :)
(Originally, I was going to put in an embarrassing picture of the very awkward looking cousins that attended the game, but... oh well.)

ANYWAY.  I was wondering if I should take my gigantic camera to Canada (and I'm talking an older dSLR with a telephoto lens) or if I should just stick with my brother's point and shoot.  Chris' camera isn't so bad, but every other picture is blurry.  My dSLR is heavy, big, and the lens is also very heavy, but the photos turn out fantastic.  So I can either be a stereotypical camera-wielding-Asian/stalker tourist or a play-it-cool blend-in-with-the-crowd tourist.  Either way, I'll a tourist.  It's a matter of heavy + GREAT pictures vs. LIGHT vs. ok pictures.

any opinions?


Steve G. said...

(You can't see me, but I'm making a face as hard as I can.)

mwhahaha, That would be my thought on Joe Morgan as well. Goodness, he is awful at announcing. Only Chris Berman and Stu Scott rival him for incompetence on that network, with John Kruk quickly bringing up the rear.

Having been to Toronto, I'd recommend the smaller camera. You don't want to be lugging that big monster on the subway and what not.

Söck Eat said...

Sorry for making you hold your breath in vain; I did not take a camera with me. Other things you called aside from Prado to the DL include getting revenge on Santana and Infante being awesome.