08 September 2010

Gwinnett Braves vs. Charlotte Knights (25 August 2010)

At long last, I have finally gone through my photos from the G-Braves game.  I like Cool Ray Field.  It's super mellow, tickets are cheap, and it's totally easy to eavesdrop shamelessly on the players if you really want to.  (I sort of wanted to.)  I thought about sitting along the first base line so I could get Freddie photos, but I figured that I'll have plenty of opportunities to take photos of Freddie throughout the years and not necessarily all that many chances left to take photos of Troy Glaus (who was rehabbing and playing 3rd base).  Plus, the G-Braves dugout was actually on the left side rather than the right side.  No photos of dugout antics (le sigh) but nice photos of the players walking back to the dugout.  The photos that didn't turn out blurry, I mean.  I don't understand how I can be so close to the field, and still manage such blurry shots.  My hands are entirely too shaky.

Also, I'd like for everybody to note:  SOCKS UP.  That is all.

JC Boscan & all his gear

Matt Young, who is a pocket person (he's "listed" at 5'9"!)
I want to make friends with him.

Scott Diamond, the game's starter.
He's a cutie.

Mike Dunn.  Check out those calves, Lauren!

Freddie Freeman!

Mighty Mouse & Freddie

Seriously.  The eyebrows are intense.

The big man.  Also, the only person who didn't get the "SOCKS UP" memo.

Joe Thurston
Psst--Lauren... look.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out who this is! :
EDIT:  I have discovered his name!  He is Wilson Ramirez, of the Dominican Republic.  We got him from the Tigers at the Trade Deadline, just before they finalized the Gregor Blanco trade to Kansas City.  In other words... none of our center fielders in the Bigs can hit are hitting, we're still platooning in the outfield, and we traded away my dollfaced Gregor who consistently hit, and restocked his spot with Wilson here.  Well.  At least he's cute?

Natey getting to CF

Giant Troy signs for teeny kids

Freddie looks like he feels awkward.
Crap, did he catch me taking photos of him too?


Troy about to throw a ball to a fan

I realize that the preceding three photos were somewhat awkwardly cropped.  But Charlotte's third base coach was in my shot, and trust me, the back of his helmet wasn't really all that interesting--just a shiny black blob in the right hand side of my photos.  He, like the Mets' Hale, kept moving into my shots.  /grump

Brent Clevlen, looking intense, yet goofy.

Natey aka Mighty Mouse next to the Knights' catcher,who is a giant.

Nate looks like a Little Leaguer--that helmet is too big!!

FREDDIE!  He looks supremely confident, here, doesn't he?

Yep, THIS guy.

"Hmm.  Have I forgotten something?"

"I know, right??"
 I noticed something just now, after going through these photos.  Look at Troy's batting helmet.  Look at everybody else's batting helmets.  Troy's wearing his Atlanta helmet!  Maybe the G-Braves didn't have one in his size?  Natey should have brought his from Atlanta, too.  His head looks like it's swimming in the one he has in Gwinnett.

Natey playing with the ball

J-Stamina of the Heavy Hitters... and one of the ushers, plugging his ears!  ;D

"Showtime" of the Heavy Hitters


Rounding the bases

Michael Broadway

(Just TRY to mess with this guy...)
Good game!  The G-Braves won against the Knights, 9-6.  Joe Thurston and Freddie Freeman turned a triple play in the 1st inning (FF caught a liner, fired to Joe, who stepped on 2B, fired back to Freddie, who touched 1B).  BEAUTIFUL.  Stephen and I really wanted a replay.  Buuut... oh well.

Troy Glaus and Joe Thurston both homered... this was very exciting.  :)

OH.  So there was this guy about 4 rows behind Stephen and me, who had a very thick, almost unintelligible, Southern accent, who would sort of heckle Troy very loudly.  It wasn't particularly mean, just "COME ON, TROY!" (+ some stuff I couldn't even comprehend, just some syllables jammed together) even when the ball had been NOWHERE NEAR Troy Glaus, or the play had nothing to do with 3rd base.

Of course, I suppose I can't talk because every time Nate McLouth got up to bat, I'd cheer VERY loudly, "LET'S GO MIGHTY MOUSE!!!"  No, I was not inebriated... No, he probably didn't appreciate my cheer.  Yes, I got stares.  No, Nate did not react (nor did my cheer work... le sigh).  At least Stephen thought it was funny.

There was also this little boy behind me, who kept getting very irritated about the lack of balls being hit in our direction.  "I want a ball, I'm gettin' mad."  Well, kid, maybe you could ask nicely instead of shouting at the players?  He was grumping about it the entire game, and I admit it, I wanted to slap him upside the head and tell him to shut his trap and watch the game.  It was to that point that, if any ball had come in our direction, I was going to get it, and deliberately not give it to him because he was so obnoxious.  (Yes, I am spiteful.)  If you wanted foul balls, you should have sat on the first base line... nobody hit any foul balls near us.  And good.  Because my camera was there.  And also... my face.  :P


Lauren T. said...

Hmm, comments appropriate for public consumption... ;)

- Mike Dunn's calves are *great*!

- Love how almost everyone was Socks Up! :)

- Kimmie looks like a football player. Love his cheek flush, as always.

- The guy under Joe Thurston is CUTE. Who is that?

Alison said...

he is, isn't he? I was trying not to sneak too many photos. I should have, because most of them turned out blurry. A little kid got hit by a foul ball, and he was there and all concerned. His name is Wilson Ramirez.

stephen said...

The photo of Nate and the Knight's catcher doesn't capture just how weird the pair looked. When Nate was down in his batting stance and the catcher was kneeling, their heads were about the same level. It looked like a kid playing little league ball with his coach catching.

That said, nice photos. I haven't processed any of mine from that evening.