17 September 2010

The Pick-Me-Up

I've finished my comic, but I don't have a scanner.  So I'm going to attempt to draw the comic in MSPaint with my gimpy right arm.  We'll see how well that goes and if it's even postable.  :P

That being said, I wanted to address something that the Talking Chop guys have been mentioning for the past couple of weeks:  fan confidence.

According to their polls, the confidence of Braves fans in their team has been declining rapidly.  I suppose it's easy to see why:  We manage to go from a 3 game lead in first place to trailing Philadelphia by 3 games.  We dropped a series against the Pittsburgh Pirates--who set pitchers who have 5+ ERAs against us.  We keep playing the Florida Marlins in Miami in that cursed stadium.  I don't care what anybody says, it IS cursed.  We struggle against the Nats and then drop our first home series since April.  Yes, that is demoralizing.

But is the season over yet?  No.  Our boys have the drive to win.  They just have poor timing--like most men (oops, did I type that?)--over when to slump.  We have 15 more games to play, and it's not over until it's over, I say.  I'm not even worried.  I am the very picture of the "meh" emotion in the face of all of the panicking nay-sayers scrambling to get off the bandwagon.  Positively serene.

So go ahead and get lost.  Don't let the door hit you on your way out.  The Braves don't need fair weather fans.  They need fans that will be there even when the going is tough, who don't give up, who root for them to keep fighting like they've done this entire season.

Tonight, a clean-shaven Tommy Hanson will take the mound against the Mets' Jon Niese in New York.  I'm excited but I'm not nervous.  I am, however, supremely confident.  And you should be, too.

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Alison said...

I'll just go ahead and toot my own horn here, with an "I told you so."