16 September 2010

Cardinals vs. Braves, part 1 (10 SEP 2010)

This is the first of four game day posts that I am going to make in the next week and a half.  Here goes!

Cardinals vs. Braves, game 2.  Lauren (Braves Love blogger; see sidebar for link!) and I attended this game together, and we sat in some pretty sweet seats, considering we were playing the Cards.  Section 119, anybody?  We got there early for batting practice, where I then went crazy with my camera.  The plan was to sneak some blowpops to the boys and see what happens.  Neither of us got up the nerve to do this.  I mostly just giggled like an idiot as I am wont to do when I am nervous.  I managed some pretty good photos and then we skedaddled out of the sun and into the shade.  Besides, some of the boys seemed to already have lollis anyway.

I love this picture.  I can't believe I took it.  :)

froggie Jonny

Martín, SOCKS UP! <3

Rossy & DLowe were buddy-buddy at BP, y'all
Westside again.

He shoots... he scores!
Meds was getting people (like JC Boscan) to put baseballs in his glove OR using his glove as a scoop to launch them towards the bat boy.  It was super cute.  Speaking of "super cute," two things:  1. I need to vary my vocabulary; "super cute" just isn't going to cut it.  And 2. JC Boscan is super cute.  Check out the pictures in the full album (link below) if you don't believe me.

2 at once. :)
Kimmie, all by himself in the shade.
Meds is the smiliest.  <3
Both Lauren and I were boiling before Braves BP even ended, and so we decided to flee into the shade.  Missed Cards BP, but I don't know anything about their bullpen, and I didn't want to go skulking around the dugouts like a chump.  So no Cards IFers/OFers.  Sorry, kiddos.

So then the game started, and Lauren and I went to our seats.  In case anybody was wondering, I hurt my arm somehow, so the doc gave me some painkillers.  Said painkillers make me a little bit loopy, so then I do goofy things.  Like wave at the players like a nerd.  Lauren found this exceedingly amusing, I'm sure.

I don't really remember specific happenings during the game except this:  I don't have any photos of it, but DLowe was in a REALLY good mood all night, it looked like.

Onward, to IN-GAME PHOTOS!!
Mac + Eddie!
Martín is so handsome...
He also looks like he's thinking about something tasty.
Hat tip, Cristhian & J-Hey.
Note the backpack and the INCREDIBLE detail.  :)
I'm going to call Omar a velociraptor from now on.  
My friend Ali, upon viewing the above photograph, immediately noted that Omar's head isn't big enough to be a velociraptor.  I countered that with the fact that it's not about his physical resemblance to a velociraptor, but rather, the way Omar moves to pounce upon a baseball.  :P  Yes.  I am a nerd.  Also, I've mentioned he was a 'raptor before, anyway, in this post.  

I have a TON of Albert Pujols photos.  He's pretty awesome, I'm not gonna lie.  Even Braves loyalty won't blind me to the awesome that is Pujols.  The organist played the Winnie the Pooh theme for his walk up.  I loved it, but I had the theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the game, and a couple days afterwards, as well.

Mike Minor
Chris Carpenter, in the only decent photo I managed.  
Pujols looks like he's chasing Martín.
... I'd run away, too.  :P
National League All-Stars :)
Jon Jay is super cute.  For real.
lounging Jonny
BMac, Martín, & Brooksy
Pujols reminds me of a big, wily cat.  

Ske. *dreamy*
J-Hey is huge zomg.
[Also... you know it had to happen.  I am a girl after all....]
Billy Wagner shuts the door
Lauren will know why I posted this picture.
Braves win, and Alison and Lauren cheered.  (Also, note:  Lauren should always wear the blingies.)  I went home on MARTA.  :)

Rest of the photos are HERE in a Photobucket Album.  There are some good ones there that I didn't post here.  I just had to at least ATTEMPT to cut down the number of photos I put up per post.  :)

Lauren's post about the same game can be found at her blog, Braves Love.  Here is a direct link.  Yay, semi-joint posts!  Enjoy!!!

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Lauren T. said...

I love that we both posted a picture of Jonny reclining in the bullpen. He looked very comfortable!

Also love: Kimmie in the shade, how HUGE Ske is compared to Huddy, Froggie Jonny, the Westside bros, and that you were brave enough to shoot Rossy. :)