01 October 2010

"Lower-Half Weight Problem" Isn't the Issue Here

A couple of days ago, in desperate need of girly catharsis, I messaged my friend Caitlin with a photo that I had taken.  Here is the photo in question (and the conversation that followed):

Alison:  I want to marry him
Caitlin:  aw he's poking his tongue out :P
Alison:  i seriously want to marry him
Alison:  well as serious as a person can get with wanting to marry a pro ball player
Caitlin:  hahahahah
Caitlin:  you're adorable :P
Alison:  also… I never thought of myself as a butt girl.  I don't think butts are cute.  I just think they are butts.
Caitlin:  good ones though, are pretty amazing.  unimpressive ones aren't deal breakers, but yeah
Caitlin:  I'll always be and arm and shoulders girl
Alison:  But then I saw HIS butt.  In those tiny baseball pants.
Alison:  and an urge that I had never once experienced before overcame me
Alison:  there is this overwhelming desire to smack his booty, Caitlin.
Caitlin:  hahahhahaha
Caitlin:  I love you Alison :P
Alison:  it's just so... THERE.

Alison:  see?  THERE.  this is a picture of bubbles.
Caitlin:  goodness.  that is definitely a bubble
Alison:  RIGHT???
Caitlin:  I dunno, now I feel lacking myself
Caitlin:  I can't have a guy curvier than me D:
Alison:  That ass is calling for a smack.
Caitlin:  Yes, it is

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Lauren T. said...

I swear, his pants got smaller as the year went on. You couldn't NOT notice.