02 October 2010

Marlins vs. Braves Photos (29SEP2010)

Bubbalicious Omar Infante

Gotta start out with Bubbalicious.  No Martin, but Omar stepped in to fill my quota of bubble blowing.  This is the first Omar bubble I've ever captured.  Mini-bubble, but bubble nonetheless.

I'm going to keep my writings brief this time, since I'm pretty sure everybody knows what the box score was and yadda yadda.  I missed Braves BP, but I did catch Marlins BP.  Entertaining as usual.  I bought a $1 ticket, met up with Lauren (who informed me that Braves BP was ultra short... boo), and then snuck down to her seats with her friends Crista and Chandra.  (THREE ROWS FROM THE FIELD, OMFG.)  Skyline?  No thanks.

Smiling Hanley Ramirez greeting a member
of the Grounds Crew.  I think.
Will Ohman, laughing about a fan that wanted
a BP HR ball so much that he flipped over the rail.
(he wasn't hurt)

best Brooks Conrad photo EVER.  

Smiling Jonny Venters + J-Hey

Smiling Mike Minor
Smiling Craig Kimbrel

See a theme going on here?  :)

Smirking Melky + Dimples
"You talking to ME?"

Smiling Kyle Farnsworth
The only good MattE photo I got.

Brooksy's uni is ALREADY dirty.
Doing Prado proud. :)
D-Lee + D-Lowe

Dugout Shenanigans

Gonzo:  "Oh, sh..."

David Ross:  3 DOUBLES!!

Bullpen Applause for Brooks' huge homer

Omar the Velociraptor
Mike Stanton.  BEAUTIFUL.

JC Boscan + Mike Minor Secret Handshake:
Listening Ears!!
JC Boscan + Cristhian Martinez Secret Handshake:
Patty Cake!!

Did I mention I LOVE JC Boscan?  Because I do.
I've been on a mission to take good JC photos.  Mostly failed in this mission, but I still think he's beautiful.

For Lauren

Peter Moylan!

Freddie's in!

This was my view from my seats.

L.T.'s favorite MS stance

Full album with a ridiculous number of pictures at Photobucket as usual.  
Lauren's post about this game is up (and more thorough, too, as usual).  

I'm passing out now.  Will edit with more details of game.  Phillies/Braves pictures to come.


Lauren T. said...

- How is Mike Stanton so, so pretty?

- How did you take SO MANY butt shots? I mean, I'm not complaining... ;)

- That GIF of Brooksy is brilliant.

- Mike Minor's big grin makes him kinda look like Meds. :)

Alison said...

It's not my fault when they DISPLAY. :P