16 November 2010

Good-bye Omar

Though I never did talk about it on the blog, I did mention my fears to a few of my friends, who then very quickly calmed me down.  I should know by now that I should always prepare myself for the worst when I get that trade spidey-sense of mine.

Frenchy?  I called it, though I didn't know it'd be to the Mets.
Yunel?  Gregor?  That nagging feeling about the two of them being traded was in my gut, but I managed to talk myself out of it... only to have it happen.

Yes, I'm calling myself an Atlanta Braves trade psychic.  I might not know where the boys are going to go, but I know that they'll be traded.

And Omar was tingling my spidey sense.

I'm still in shock.  As far as Dan Uggla goes, I honestly thought that the Jays would make some big play for him, and I would have been ok with that.  Uggla at 2B, Aaron Hill at 3B, Yunel at SS?  That infield would have been STACKED.

I am well aware of what the team NEEDS.  I'm still a team girl; I'll always be loyal to the Braves.  But that doesn't change the fact that one of my darlings was traded away along with a guy that I was quickly growing very attached to.

We'll miss you, Omar and Mike Dunn.

Now I really don't feel like making the second half of my gameday post.  Ugh.  I have so many Mike Dunn and Omar pictures.  This is going to be unbearable.

Also, lastly:  Welcome aboard, Dan Uggla.  I swear I'll say nice things about you soon.  Just...

I need a little time to say goodbye to my boys...

Edit:  I don't mean to make it seem like that I won't miss Mike Dunn.  I SO will. He was very smiley and nice.  And he was good.  I like him.  But Omar... Omar has been one of my darlings from the get-go.  An infinity heart.  And he's GONE.  And I'm obligated to root against him now.  :(

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Lauren T. said...

I don't root against my lovvies who go to other teams. I can't. (Not the *real* lovvies, you know.) ♥