17 November 2010

We Miss Our Lovvies

This is a joint post from Braves Love and AlyBaseball.  Hope you like it.

Beginning at 2:08 PM, Lauren messaged me.  The following is basically the chat transcript talking about trades… remember how I said stuff about spidey-senses?  Apparently, I’m not the only one…  (note:  italics are things that weren't in the conversation)
Lauren: Is it bad that I'm super worried we'll trade Mike Dunn?
Because I'm super-worried
And I don't want him going anywhere yet
I just read part of an article on my phone
About someone wanting to trade Beachy + Dunn for Delmon Young
And I almost cried
Alison: I just coughed in disbelief
Lauren: But... Who's trade value do you think is higher? Beachy or Minor?
I don't want Pretty Mouth going anywhere
I'm not as attached to Minor
Alison: I like Meds, Version Tall & Skinny [I think MM looks like Meds when he smiles big]
either way, I'm not super duper attached. I like MM and I like BB. We don't have any lefty starters though...
And Mike Dunn's ass/calves/pretty face have to stay here.
Lauren: <3 <3 <3  Dunn
Again, partial to BB because of the waving
And the smiling
Alison: :D
Lauren: And the fact that he was drafted in 08 and striking out Utley in 2010
Alison: heh
Lauren: That's... Amazing.

At this point, I went to work.  Lauren was babysitting.  I looked at my phone (around 5:20 PM), and this is what I saw:
Lauren: OMG 5-5 )+_ :2*3 (:2 _//
That was supposed to be
Alison: Which one????
Am I gonna be pissed??
Alison: Uh… NO!
Lauren: Apparently the deal is close to done
Alison: O  M  G
Lauren: I'm seriously sick
I don't want Uggla if it means giving up Mike Dunn. I love Mike!! And I KNOW you don't want to give up Omar. >:(
Alison: No
Lauren: I'm going to change this poopy diaper now, and then maybe the smell will actually make me sick and I'll feel better
I'm seriously upset
Alison: I feel ill  [I actually WAS ill... this didn't help matters]
Lauren: :'(
Alison: we have some hope;  the Blue Jays are interested in Uggla and I'm sure that they can pull out a better package than the Braves…

Literally minutes after I said that, the deal was done.  But I couldn’t respond since I was actually working, and then, when I got a moment, I didn’t want to be the one to say it… because that would make it real.  However, by 5:49 PM, there was no way to deny it—the news had broken.
Lauren: It's done. I actually want to cry. Driving home now.
680 the fan says Prado in LF
Uggla was told he's at 2B
Alison: yeah.
Lauren: I'm sick.
Alison: me too
Lauren: I don't want Uggla. I want one of my Lovvies back.
Alison: I want my Lovvie back.  omg.  why
Lauren: We need to do a conversational joint post tonight called "we want our lovvies back"
Alison: ok.  I'm down.
Lauren: Because...
Alison: I'm going to cry
Lauren: Prado in LF means Ske and MattE are a no-go
Alison: yeah.
Lauren: I am for real scowling
In my car, at this red light
Alison: honestly, Mike Dunn being traded, I am upset, but not as upset as I am about Omar.
Omar has been my darling from Day 1
(of course, I have so many darlings... but still)
Lauren: vice versa for me
I always liked Mike's mr clean head
But the end of the season, he rocketed to infinity status
Alison: I know.
all I have to say is, if Dan Uggla slumps when he gets here… I'm going to declare that something about the Braves is cursed.

A few minutes later…
Alison:  I knew it, too.
Remember when I was like, "I think we might trade Omar?"
I just didn't know it'd be for Dan Uggla... :(
***Why am I just saying “I knew it, too” without anything before it?  WEIRD!  (7:03 PM)***
Lauren: I can see how the organization would see both boys as being expendable
but I see my desktop wallpaper
not expendable
Alison: :(
Alison: While I'm glad that the Braves were like "hands off MARTEEN"
did it HAVE to be Omar?
Lauren: it's all bad
Alison: this just means I have to go to every marlins game now
Lauren: so Mike and Will Ohman can pose for us ;)
Alison: yes
Lauren: and you can take pics of Omar practicing SS
Will's a free agent again, I think
I need to look him up
well, Omar will practice everything
to stay sharm
Alison: true, because Omar is the shiz
Lauren: whatt's wroing with me
Alison: I feel shellshocked
I mean
I <3 him.
I want to make a "We Miss You, Omar" sign
I hope he gets to start
why is Frank Wren breaking up my Venezuelan Troupe of Man Love?
it's like the cutest bromance ever, Prado and Infante!

Half an hour goes by… Keep in mind, I’m at work…
Alison:  ok.
Fredi likes Dan.
I guess that's a start.
Lauren: His name is Uggla
Alison: the Marlins needed a lefty in the bullpen?
they do not!
also, what??
is he being sarcastic?
Lauren: either way, it's obnoxious
Alison: strangely, I actually do like all the NL East teams.  [I’ll clarify here and say that I like individual players on the Phillies, but NOT the Phillies.  ;P]
Lauren:  yeah, I do too, in a weird way :)
Alison: I've been mostly UN foulmouthed.  [I’m kind of surprised]
I think I'm still bleh, like…
when Gregor was traded I was like, "SOB"
right now, I feel numb.
I think it's because I'm sick
Lauren: I stopped shaking
I think that was blood sugar
but I still feel shocked
Alison: but I feel super just... numb.
and we both know how I felt about the Yunel trade…
there was cursing
I figuratively threw things

And that's that.  We ended this conversation on the phone, after I had gotten off of work (around 10 PM). 
Before anybody accuses me of not putting the team first, that isn't it at all.  I am glad that we have consistent power-bat in the line-up.  But damn it, he came at the cost of one of my darling Venezuelan boys~! 

This is how much I love Omar Infante:  Last season, which was my first time playing fantasy baseball, I stuck him on my team, even though he's a utility guy who doesn't play every day... knowing that when he came back from his hand injury, Bobby WOULD play him.  I did the same thing this year, and he was amazing.  And before anybody decides to say anything "smart," Omar is damn well good enough to be a starter.  That's what made Atlanta's bench so damn good.  (BTW, having Omar on my team really did help me substantially, especially during the second half.)

Trading Omar breaks my heart and weakened Atlanta's bench substantially.  As I said on Twitter, I have the right to be upset about the Braves trading away one of my babies.  Yes, I do.  I can be glad that we landed a power bat, but I can still be upset if the cost was one of my lovvies.  I don't care that it's contradictory, because that's just how I feel. 

I care about winning just as much as the next fan, and yes, I DO look at stats.  Hell, I even draw my own graphs.  I have one about Mike Dunn, actually.  That doesn't mean I don't also appreciate the other aspects of the players--whether or not they hustle (even if their hustle doesn't result in the results everybody wants), what kind of smiles they have (shows that they love playing the game--that's a huge part of it; it's not ALL business), and whether or not their unis fit nicely (I'm sorry, if you're looking at purely numbers, then you're not going to have female fans.  It's that simple).  For instance, Hanley Ramirez puts up nice numbers--buuuuut he might also be a primadonna.  That's the thing:  ultimately, I care whether or not the team wins.  I am a team girl, and I'll always be loyal to the team, even if it's ultimately the laundry that I care about.  Jerry Seinfeld wasn't kidding, y'all; sports fans just care about their clothes being better than your clothes.  ;P  The point is:  I want the Braves to win.  I'm just sad that in order to do that, we had to trade away the BEST SUPER-UTILITY GUY IN THE SPORT along with Mike Dunn. 

As for Mike Dunn, I'll miss you, and your unintentional posing for my pictures, and your calves that I'd take pictures of for Lauren, and your using-your-entire-face smiles.  You may have made me a little nervous, but I hearted you anyway.

Best of luck to Mike and Omar.  (Just... not against the Braves, please... or only do good when your team is losing by like... 5 runs.  Thanks, lovvies.  I'll miss you.)  I hope Omar continues proving guys wrong by having a monster season, and I hope Mike becomes an awesome set-up man.  :)  Just... like I said, not to the Braves detriment, please.  Thanks.  I'd hate to have to root against them..... /sob

I can't believe this was my only Bubbalicious photo of Omar...
Who am I going to call "Velociraptor" now?
Who am I going to call "Velociraptor" now? 

 Also, I can't shake the feeling that Dan Uggla isn't going to put up the numbers he did in the last five years when he gets here.  It's dreadful, I know, and I hope I'm wrong...  I really do.  I want him to be a BEAST.  Monster season.  I like the way he plays.  I just hope... well.  Maybe he'll take a hometown discount?

I'm going to miss seeing Martin at 2B.  I guess it's more incentive for me to sit in the OF to watch my favorite player.  ;)  But with Martin in LF, that means... my other faves Eric Hinske and Matt Diaz probably won't be back.  :(  No secret that I LOVE both Ske and MattE...

So many mixed feelings, y'all.  le boo hoo.

We better win.  And we better win HARD.

Moral of this story:  Don't like the bench players or the relievers--Frank Wren will trade them and break your heart.

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