20 January 2011

I'm No Artist

... but I am obsessive.  I haven't doodled any Jays yet, but rest assured I will.  Doodling is fun!

Yes, that means I've doodled more Braves.  Is that bad?  I should actually be writing some, you know, content, right?  

Bleh.  Well, I will.  I'm just feeling particularly lazy... and I just don't think what I have to say right now is very interesting.  Arbitration for Jose Bautista and Jason Frasor... Yunel signed (with Jays), Marteen, JJ, Moylo, and EOF signed, avoiding arb... Uggla extended... Omar still gone... Mike Dunn still gone... new bullpen vets... new benchies... I mean... what is there to say that some other blogger hasn't already said... and probably more eloquently?  I'd rather plot my fantasy team (SO THAT IT WILL CRUSH YOURS) and doodle in class.

Ok, so it occurs to me that this is bad.  I shouldn't be doodling in class.  I'm setting a bad example for other students.  This is not acceptable behavior in a classroom.  I should be taking notes and paying attention.  (But believe it or not, I am... I just happen to also doodle.)  

Jonny Venters, version 2; more cartoon-y

O hai Tommy Hanson!

Robot Tommy

Happy/smirky BMac (still the cartooniest)

Craig Kimbrel and his apple bottom.

Obviously, I don't have a scanner.  And obviously, I totally messed up most of these.  BUT... whatever.  I'm posting them anyway.

Right.  Class is about to start, BYE.

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McCann Can Triple said...

I love these all of these.