18 January 2011

More Braves Doodles.

These aren't as cartoon-y as my BMac doodles.  For some reason, I have mega-trouble drawing any Brave except BMac as a stick figure-esque cartoon.  Soooo... I attempted to draw other players and pretend to know how to sketch.  Hope you guys like them...  (Better pictures of the pictures, later, hopefully.)

And yes... I did this while I was in class.  Bite me.
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
Kimmeh again!
photo 5
Bad, unfinished Marteeeeeeen!!


Lauren T. said...

I cannot hug you enough for these. :D

Daniel said...

Prado's ass is hot.

Alison W. said...

@Lauren: ^_^

@Daniel: I KNOW, right???!!! I cannot do it justice.