18 January 2011

'Cause it's just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby...

So, I totally failed to post regular updates on my fantasy baseball team last season.  Hopefully this season, I'll be able to keep up with it better.  Of course, that might just be a super boring post for everybody, so I guess I'll have to see.  But the point of this post is that, while everybody else is talking about acquisitions and trades and the like... I've been talking about Twitter.  And being angry.  And missing baseball.  That hardly seems like something a supposed baseball blogger should be talking about, right?

Well, I'm not any old baseball blogger, damnit.  I'm a chick who likes baseball.  And while I may not talk about them as much on this blog, that doesn't mean I don't know them.  But you can look up the stats just as easily as I can, so I figure, why bother?  I'm not going to try to insult your intelligence by talking out of my ass and/or make myself look like a jackass by attempting to write coherently about something that I love so passionately.

You want doodles?  I got'em.  Graphs?  Some of those, too.  Photos?  TONS.  Funny little stories?  Got those, too.  And baseball fever?  Oh, man, and then some.  This blog is how I show my love for my boys.  And for the record, I could probably recite stats, player numbers, and probably even their eye colors.  I'm not messing around here.  Just sayin'.

Anyway.  Fantasy baseball.  I've already got lists of players that I want on my team.  I'm pretty excited.  I made a depth chart.  Oh, yes, I did.  This thing has been in my notebook since before the end of last season.  I made notes throughout last season so that I would remember players and how they performed.  And then, I put together a team.  The only thing is... this year, I'm going to be playing with friends... and also my brothers.  Some of my friends will be fighting with me over Braves players, while some will just try to get Braves players to annoy me (because then I won't have them).  My brothers, though, always impose "Braves tax."  I think I've mentioned this before... but I'm too lazy to go look and see if that's actually true.

This is how it works:
Person A:  "Oh, lookie.  You have Chipper Jones.  I want Chipper Jones.  What do you want for Chipper Jones?"
Person B:  "Albert Pujols."
Person A:  "WHAT?!  Pujols outperforms Chipper in almost every category."
Person B:  "Yeah.  But Pujols isn't a Brave.  So you want Chipper?  You pay Braves tax."

It just occurred to me that I should ask if anybody out there wants to play Fantasy with me... because if you do, I think that I should keep my prospects to myself for now.  :)


McCann Can Triple said...

I have never done fantasy baseball before. It always looked interesting but I never really got into it mainly because I had no one to do it with or help me get into it. I'd like to try and give it a go though.

Alison W. said...

I totally understand. Leagues tend to be clique-y, too. I finally convinced my brothers to let me join theirs!! My suggestion is to just go to MLB.com's fantasy baseball site, and play there. You won't have anybody to talk trash to, but you'll get the hang of it fairly easily. :)