03 February 2011

Winky Smiley

I'm so excited/happy right now, you guys!  Braves fans are the best.  ♥ 

Let me 'splain.  It all started when I started doodling in class instead of paying attention.  (Do as I say, not as I do... don't doodle in class.)--No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.  

This happened on the Twitter:
[@BravesLove = Lauren; @eaheckman10 = Eric; @AliPhoneIC = me]
Lauren:  This blog post is taking forever to edit, and @ and I aren't even finished writing it yet. *sigh* ♥
Eric:  @ @ Does it have more Braves doodles?
Aly:  @ is this a request?? :) I'm working on one RIGHT NOW.
Eric:  @ Of course it is. I want to print one out and hang it on my wall!
~~a few days later...~~
Eric:  Hey @, I'm waiting on some drawings. :)
Aly:  @ I'm working on it, dear. Unfortunately, now I feel under pressure to produce something that isn't completely awful.
Eric:  @ I'll draw you a picture if you draw me one. I'll even personalize it!

AND THEN HE DID!!!  In MSPaint, no less!!  I'm super impressed and I LOVE it!!

Wanna see it?  I know you do, because it's SO rad.


Thanks, Eric!!

I need to draw something EPIC in return... I'm afraid nothing will compare to that, though.

[Also, did anybody see the Princess Bride reference I had up there?  eh, eh??]

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Lauren T. said...

That's pretty amazing. :)