26 April 2011

Phillies vs. Braves, Game 3 [10APR2011]

Sundays mean red uniforms and day games.  I'm not going to lie:  the red unis are my least favorite of the Braves uniforms.  I much prefer the road unis to the Sunday reds.  The reds make my eyes regret vision.  And I'm visually impaired!!  They glow in this eye-aching way in the 1 o'clock sun, and that, paired with the white pants, is pretty painful.  And just to make matters worse... hello?  1 o'clock sunshine in Atlanta, Georgia?  What part of this is EVER a good idea?

Right.  So here we go.  John and I sat in the terrace level (IN THE SHADE, THANK GOODNESS) in the outfield (I need to invest in a pair of binoculars) one section over from the bullpen (where everybody was MIA, hiding from the sun).  And considering that I lugged the dSLR around for the two previous game, much to the chagrin of my wrists, I took my point and shoot to see how well it would do on game days (from the terrace in the outfield).  The answer?  Not great, but not terrible, either.  And yes, I skipped batting practice.  Give me a break; girl is tired.

SOCKS UP Martín Prado ♥
Y'all.  I'm in love.  John, Eric T., and a legion of girls want to fight me for him... but I'm wily.  You don't know me!!  (Disclaimer:  Don't worry, this won't actually happen.  I'm way too chicken.  ...Or am I?)

Mighty Mouse Nate McLouth

So I kinda sort of really love Derek Lowe to pieces.  He sasses DOB!  He throws sinkers!  He's "I'm gonna get this mofo to groundout because I'm a BA"!  He will not push the blame on lack of run support!  He takes responsibility for his starts!  And he has a crooked grin.  And he's a giant.  And his windup is neat.

Mighty Mouse's hair

Freddie Freeman looks like he's about to play football
Seriously.  Does Fweddie not look like he's about to do some football thing or other (I don't know anything about football terms... I've forgotten everything already!  Sorry, Tasos.)?


Dan Uggla and his arms

Captain of SocksUppery:  Jonny Venters

♥ Martín Prado ♥
The game was not going our way, to say the least, and in order to keep my optimism up, I very enthusiastically claimed that because there were 2 players on the field at the same time with their SOCKS UP, that obviously meant that we would win.  Wishful thinking on my part, but damn it, it should be true.  The ratio of players wearing their socks up to the players that don't should totally factor in the whimsiness (i.e. luck) that brings about wins.  Also, I just really really wanted Marteen to be the walk-off hero and parade around in his socks.  Also, I really wish DLowe had won.
a bad picture of Craig Kimbrel ~

Gonzo's version of the Boom-Boom

For Molly and Catherine

J-Hey:  Molly's boy
And to end the post as it began, yet another photo of Socks Up Martín:

All right, so we lost the game (and the series) to Cole Hamels and the Phillies.  Did y'all just get that shuddering sensation when you read that sentence?  Because I did when I typed it.  Gross.  Admittedly not the best way to start off at home... but it's still April.  I have faith in our boys.  :)


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