24 May 2011

Phillies vs. Braves: Game 2 Photos & Ludacris! [14MAY2011]

Throwbacks!  THROWBACKS!  This is what should happen every Saturday—throwbacks.  I’m telling you, guys… let’s start a campaign for Saturday Throwbacks instead of Sunday Reds.  Every season, there would be different throwbacks!  Let’s.  Do.  This.

I forgot to mention in the last post how much I enjoy Emily’s commentary.  She didn’t necessarily recognize many of the players by sight (like Molly, Lauren, and I do), so she would ask us questions such as:  “Who’s Thunder Thighs out there?”  or “Who’s Awkward Stretching over there?”  Emilyisms, y’all.  I love it.  Sometimes, when she was looking for a specific player, she’ll ask questions like, “Where’s my Silver Fox?”  If you ask her who she likes, she’ll respond, “Oh, I like Apple Bottom.”  I’ll leave it up to you guys to figure who she meant by all of that.  ha!  For more Emilyisms, please see this post at Braves Love.

OK, new to this blog post… I figured out how to make links open in new windows!  (As in, I finally memorized the code so I don’t have to go back and forth looking… since I’m LAZY.)  So the above link will open in a new window (or tab).  YAY.  If you don’t like that, let me know.  Otherwise it’s staying, depending on how I feel.  ;)

All right, you’re not here to read.  If you were, you would have read about Charlie’s Electric Stuff or about any other of older posts that nobody ever read.  No, I know you’re here for the pictures, so here we go.  Not many in-game photos… too busy with all sorts of gabbing with the girls, and I was having trouble adjusting the settings for the camera to get decent quality photos.  Oh well.  The ones I did get weren’t so bad.

David “Beardy Rossy” Ross is all smiles

Peter Molan chatting with Roger McDowell
… And then flashing his new pearly whites.  :D

Our most excellent Jair Jurrjens warming up
JJ’s so awesome, y’all.

Beardy Rossy catches…
And suits up…
162 (2)
bye Moylo
Dancing (not really) Alex Gonzalez

Moylo was going to LA for back surgery after this game, so it’d be a while before we get to see him again.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Moylo!  Come back soon.
As for Gonzo, Molly has something to say:
Molly : Alex Gonzalez is a freaking beast. Beast, I say!
Molly: he is definitely making a point out there
Molly: and the point is "I'm awesome. Take note."
I don’t think it should come as a surprise to anybody that the Twins (not the team) love Gonzo. 

OK, let’s discuss JJ.  HE IS AWESOME.  End of discussion.  Ok, fine.  He pitched a solid 7 innings before running into trouble in the 8th.  He singled in the 2nd inning and even drew a walk in the 6th inning!

JJ helping his own cause

But then Martin grounded out… much to his obvious disappointment

Really, though, I’m not sure why he’s making that face… he only hit a LEAD OFF HOMER in the first inning of the game.  And that homer was only followed by ANOTHER homer by Mighty Mouse Nate McLouth.  I mean, sheesh, Martin… go easy on yourself a little bit.

Watching the “Dance for Your Dinner” contestant

This is for you, Parker…

Eric Hinske seems to have a lot of nicknames… The Dude, He-Man, and of course, Ske.  He also frog stretches.  :D

You’re awesome, JJ!

J-Hey into the game at RF

Kimmie, taking care of business

So then, there was Luda.  I went to go say hi to friend Angie and hang out with her and watch the concert.  OH!  I should mention.  Molly checked Facebook during the game which offered free field passes for the Ludacris concert… if we could be the first 20 people who found the guy.  Molly was like, “Crap, this was from 20 minutes ago… should we try anyway?”  Well, obviously, we did.  Jess, Lauren, and Emily stayed, and we ran off to find these passes… and we got them!  But only two.  By the time the other girls got up there, the passes were all gone.  We ended up giving our passes away.  :)


Southern Hospitality…

DJ Khaled & Ludacris:  All I do is win, win, win…

How low can you go?

What’s your fantasy?

Jermaine Dupri & Ludacris:  Welcome to Atlanta, where the playas play

Note:  The captions are not necessarily the songs he was performing at the time the photo was taken… but that’s what I decided to caption them with anyway. 

Can I just say that I am so so so glad that my twin Molly came all the way from Alabama?  Also, can we please make a note that Jess is awesome?  And we missed Cori (A.B. got to come in a pitch, too!).  Emily is hilarity and adorableness personified.  And of course, hurray for my Braves bestie, "Lowen."


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Lauren T. said...

Moylo was so amused. :D

I missed Meds dancing along with the guys on the dugout. His cheery face was the best.


Also, my babycuz, Emily? She's hilarious. Love her. <3

Parker said...

Dude photos just for me? My day is officially made! :)

He looks like he's dropped some weight since the last time I saw him play.

Parker said...

Huh. I am by no means an expert on white boy dancing, but it sure looks like the "Dance For Your Dinner" contestant is churning the butter or whatever the dance is called that douchy white guys wearing British Knights high-tops, parachute pants, and double-layered popped-collar Fox polo shirts used to do in clubs in the 80's.

Or maybe he was doing the Melbourne Shuffle, I dunno. I am honestly curious though. :)