24 May 2011

26 Days

I have a little bit of a predicament.  I have been a lifelong Braves fan.  And I have loved the Blue Jays for almost as long (except for in 1992).  What can I say?  I have always loved every aspect of Toronto.  For me, "Taiwan" and "Toronto" were the lands of magic and whimsy.  It meant vacation, fun times, food, and hanging out with my awesome cousins.  Wait.  It still means the same thing... Does this mean that I haven't grown up?

Right.  So.  The thing is, though, I love the Blue Jays WAY more now that I ever like them when I was a child.  I'm not going to lie.  I pretty much love everything about the Blue Jays.  I like the super-young Greek-Canadian former scout GM.  I like the new manager.  I like the bench coach.  I love the team leader.  I love the bench riding veteran.  I love the young gun pitching staff.  I love the Twitter usage.  I love their minor league prospects.  I love the former Brave.  I even like their new beat writer, Gregor Chisholm (who has a GREAT name)  (who isn't Jordan Bastian, now covering the Cleveland Indians).  I love their die-hard bloggers, as well.

And in 26 days, my wonderful Blue Jays are coming to town!  Coming to town to play with my first sports love, the Atlanta Braves.  The Braves and I have had a rocky relationship throughout our time together.  They, like the Hawks, would break my heart over and over again.  The Blue Jays, though... well.  Perhaps it was the old adage "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" that kept me from feeling the same kind of turmoil.

Anyway.  My point here is.  The Blue Jays will be in town for 3 days.  And here is my predicament.  I spend all year rooting for the Braves, attending Braves games, wearing Braves gear.  Do I continue to do that?  Or do I take these three games as an opportunity to root for my other favorite team?  I never get to see them live!  I saw them last year once, while I was in Toronto.  We were in LF, hoping that Joey Bats would drop a bomb or 10 (the game before had been a home run derby).  What we saw was a pitchers' duel and a near no-hitter, 17 Ks, and spectacular defense.  Which is great, don't get me wrong... I got to see Jose Molina steal a base!  And I got to see Brandon Morrow's first 1-hitter complete game shutout.  And I got to witness Morrow's career high 17Ks.

But I did it from the outfield.  And Ryan, Andy, and I were pretty much the only ones cheering... (my brothers do not like pitchers' duels, my cousins don't like baseball, etc.)

Would it be terrible of me to openly root for my other team?  Who knows when I'll get to see them live again?


Lauren T. said...

You can just wear a white shirt and cheer for good baseball. How's that. :D

Parker said...

This is easy. Always wear the home team's colors, unless it's some kind of special occasion.

Obviously, every game that Bautista starts is a special occasion, even if he only hits two homers in that game. So yeah, wear your Blue Jays gear. Just in case. :)