10 September 2010

28 August 2010: Ricky Nolasco (FLA) vs. Tim Hudson (ATL) REMATCH

Tomis, ElleLor, and I went to the game together.  I specifically wanted to go to this Marlins game because it was a Tim Hudson/Ricky Nolasco rematch.  Including this game, I have seen Ricky Nolasco pitch against Atlanta three times.  He has won two of those three games.  One of those games was on September 30, 2009 (it was my brother's birthday), when he struck out 16, yes, SIXTEEN, batters.  His opponent?  Javier Vazquez.  How did we lose that game?  HOW?  Let me just say, I remember sitting there in utter shock.  The second game was against Tim Hudson on the 4th of July of this year.  I still can't believe we lost.  But it was a very good and exciting game, and I got great photos from it.

On to the current game at hand!!  We showed up early to see if we could catch Braves BP (we didn't), so we ended up watching some Marlins BP.  Marlins BP always entertains me, for some reason; there's always something fun happening.  This time especially, sinceWes Helms' tiny son was in the outfield, tagging along with Chris Volstad.  SO.  CUTE.

Chris Volstad watching over Mini-Wes Helms

Ever-popular David Ross signing autographs

Hanley Ramirez' hair color is not for him.

I wonder how many of the ballplayers saw this... :P

"yes, you..."

Anibal Sanchez <3

Will Ohman, former Brave, teasing the crowd

Can you tell I'm obsessed with pitchers?  Leo Nunez, errbody.


The lovely people I went with... :)  Tomis & ElleLor
(wasn't it a beautiful day?)
We sat up in the nosebleeds, behind home plate.  Good view.  But difficult for photos.  I took as many as I could, but ended up with more dugout shenanigans than anything.  There was also this precious, precious little girl next to me named Caitlin (from Covington) who was very interested in me and my camera.  She had gone to some kind of festival earlier in the day, so she still had face paint on.  I took a picture, but I would rather not post it without permission.  At the end of the game, where she was clearly very tired, snuggling with her grandpa, she said very plaintively to me, "It's waaaay past my bedtime."  Then she sat up a bit, and said, "Alison, do you like my hair up or down?"  (She had her hair in a braid, but then she had pulled out the hair tie.)  I told her she was adorable either way.  Then she handed me the hair tie.  I asked her if she wanted me to tie her hair up again, for her.  She said, "No... that's for you.  I want you to have it."  And then she settled back down again, next to her grandpa, who reassured her that the game only had 2 more outs left.  TOO CUTE.

I also finally met Lauren from Braves Love (link in sidebar) "in real life."  She was a doll, and we discussed BP shenanigans and blogs + photos.  Of course, we didn't take a picture to commemorate our meeting.  For someone who likes cameras so much, you'd think I'd be better about these things.  :P  Anyhow, we both managed to miss getting photos of Huddy's 1500th strikeout... le sigh.


D-Lee:  "Hi!!"

Dance-run-stretch Martin!

Dance-run-stretch Melky!
My favorite stretch, ever.  Seriously.  Click on the photos, and see just how happy they are.  :)

MattE's a comedian

Timmmmmeeeeeeh!  (<3333 Huddy)
So Tim Hudson had himself a night!  Career high 13 strikeouts, INCLUDING his 1500 career strikeout.  Standing O from the crowd.  :)  Of course, I failed to take photos.  I was a little busy clapping, bite me.  :)
Omar in action

Hanley was ruled safe.  The crowd didn't like that call, no sir.

Two Rookie of the Year candidates:  Gaby Sanchez & our own J-Hey

Gonzo patrolling

I may be biased because I'm a Braves fan, but he's just such a great pitcher, y'all.




I missed the actual Braves hug... but just look at all that love.  :)


Doesn't Rossy look like he's comparing his behind with Diory's behind?  ;)

I hate the Chik-Fil-A cow; it is creepy and it stares at you.


Gorgeous 'Ske smile

Rick Ankiel high fiving Martin after Martin decided to also join in on the homering fun

Eric O'Flaherty.  I think this is the best pitching photo I got.

"Hey, buddy!"
(Mac is a baby-face... goodness)


KYLE FARNSWORTH (I <3 his tattoos.  Also, his mugshot in the Braves Game Day Program is scary)

KYLE FARNSWORTH IS SMILING.  Maybe he's promising to bake some cookies?  :)

The 3 of us.  :)

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