24 October 2010


I've been busy.

I've still got one more game's worth of pictures to upload, post, and write about.  Last Braves game of the year, last game of Bobby Cox's career... It was a hard-fought game.  And I am so so so proud of this 2010 team.  They were definitely something special.  Somehow, I keep putting it off, because... Well.  Then it really is over.  Bobby's really done.

Oh, and Adriane?  Here's your Derrek Lee trade analysis:  good trade.  He might've been a rental, but he was an awesome one, once he got started.  Second level grand slam against the New York Mets?  Yes, I'll take one of those thanks, with a hefty helping of Mets fans boos on the side.  Music to my ears.  There's nothing I love more than watching my players get booed in a hostile environment, and then having the players SHOVING IT IN THEIR FACES.  That's what you get for booing, assholes.  :P  Where was I?  Right.  Derrek Lee is a BAMF.  He saved us from several potential errors by being a fab-o first baseman.  He played with a torn thumb ligament in the last month of the season... and he not only played through the pain, but he did GREAT.  The best part about Derrek Lee is that he is a class act on top of all of that.  No thrown bats or helmets, no temper tantrums, no screaming the F-bomb, none of that.  He just goes about his business.  :)

Other things I still need to post:
--a graph.  I'm way overdue on a new graph.  Maybe I'll make a pie chart of all my loves... but there are so many... I love so many of them.  Or... maybe a chart showing changing allegiances... haha!

--stuff about fantasy baseball.  Which, by the way, I LOVE.  Next year, I'm going to play with my brothers.  Apparently, when they play with their friends, they impose what they call a "Braves tax."  That is, all Braves players are valued way higher than their actual worth.  For instance:  If one person's fantasy team needed a third baseman, like, say, Chipper Jones, and wanted to make a trade for him, then other party would have the right to demand, say, Mark Teixiera and maybe even one more player, even if Teix is doing better in every category.  Why?  Because Chipper Jones is a Brave, and there is a Braves tax, damnit.  Braves are a luxury item.  OR, if say, one team wanted to swap left fielders or something, a Brave somehow had to be included in the trade, because Braves are the commodity everybody wants.  :P  Evidently, they do an "Atlanta tax" for every kind of fantasy game they play, i.e. Falcons tax, Hawks tax, etc.

--an end of season memorable moments run down, where all my faves are, etc.  And who I will miss... and who I NEED to be back next season.

--discussing why the favorites didn't win... (boohoo, no repeats from last year) and deciding who to root for... :0

--plans for next year. <3 Blue Jays.  <3 Braves.  <3 <3 <3 Gregor Blanco.  :D

SO exciting, right?  :P

Anyhow, pictures coming soon.  I got some good ones, in spite of one of my memory cards crapping out on me.

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Lauren T. said...

"--an end of season memorable moments run down"

You know, I thought about doing this, and then I remembered I'm feeling incredibly lazy right now. :D It's all I can do to keep up with the Google alerts and try to find a job. Hee.