24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, I have made a lot of promises of new posts.  No, I haven't finished a single one of them.  Of course, there were a few posts that I've made that I have deemed a bit too inappropriate to post.  I know that this is a blog, that it is MY blog, and I have the right to state my opinion (be it about trades, my teams, other teams, players' behinds, etc.)...  but at the same time, I AM trying to find a job...  And I'm sure that my occasional cursing and mild hypothetical flirtations don't necessarily help.

Right.  Because TONS of people are desperately waiting with bated breath (that is, by the way, spelled correctly) for my next post.  I know it's true.  You're just afraid to say so.  Don't worry.  I know just what you want to read, you masses of readers, you.  /sarcasm

So!  First things first.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

I really will finish these posts shortly... I just want to get through the massive amounts of cooking and work that I will have to do during this so-called break.  BUT there are posts coming.  And pictures.  There will be pseudo-analysis and bad graphs and stick figure drawings of which I will take pictures with a camera, instead of using a scanner because I do not have a scanner.  All of these things will happen.  (Though the venn diagram will have to wait.  I still can't think of one that is funny and not completely lame.)

But before all of this... I sincerely hopes that everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

A few things to note:
--I am still upset about the Omar Infante & Mike Dunn trade.  I'm glad that Dan Uggla is consistently good.  I don't care if these are contradictory feelings.
--I'm glad that the Braves have made an offer to Eric Hinske.  He must stay.  MUST.  Think about this:  we can either sub out Freddie and put Ske at 1B... OR we can move Martin to 1B, and stick Ske in LF.
--I hope MattE stays.

I still <3 everybody else.  And I will miss, miss, miss, miss our giant veteran first basemen, Troy Glaus and Derrek Lee.  I had faith in you, T-Roy, even when all the other assholes booed (and they WERE assholes!!). D-Lee, if September and October didn't prove how awesomely BADASS you were, then I really don't know what will.  Saito-san, I will miss your happy sunny smile!  More odes to our boys later... now, I need to go pass out.  <3

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Lauren T. said...

Promises, promises. ;) The pics from the last game? We need the rest of them, please... a couple in particular. :D <3