09 December 2010

ADD + Procrastination = Baseball Internet Irritability

I still have things I need to finish, but I felt the need to mention this first.

The Dan Uggla trade.  Oh, yes, I'm still on that.  And I haven't even gotten to the Shaun Marcum trade (from the Jays to the Brew Crew) yet!

And no, I am not over it.  I'm over the Yunel trade.  But Yunel went to the Jays, so there was a little comfort there.  Omar did NOT go to one of my teams.  And I still torture myself with an Omar Infante Google alert.  Because I adore him.

All-Star Super-Utility... Mr. I play all positions on the field except pitcher and catcher.  Mr. I can do it all.  No, I'm not going to be over that.  I can very easily say that Omar Infante was one of my very favorites.

And I'm pissed off that I'm being told to shut up about it.

Well, I'm not gonna, damn it.  I'm entitled to bitch and moan, just as you're entitled to celebrate.  I have the right to my opinion, and I can bitch about it if I want.  Don't you tell me that I need to "stop it already."  It has nothing to do with pessimism.  Was it a good trade?  Maybe so.  I really do hope so.  Does that mean I'm going to stop missing Omar?  Lemme think... hmmm.  Nope, not really.

I'm well aware of the numbers, thanks.  I DO keep up with that stats.
In 9 seasons of baseball, playing 770 games, Omar has a fielding percentage of .981, and 83 errors.
In 5 seasons of baseball, playing 769 games, Uggla has a fielding percentage of .980, and 73 errors.

Those are similar defensive numbers, yes?  Yes.  Can Dan Uggla play anywhere else?  Maybe.  Can Omar Infante?  YES.  And no, their hitting stats aren't at all similar.  But see, Infante being the versatile player he is, was always used off the bench, or as a defensive guy.  Or spot starting/subbing for injured guys.  Who knows what kind of hitter he would have become if he had been given an everyday role?  And before naysayers try to tell me I'm wrong... My prime example is Martin Prado--he was "just a utility guy," too.  Besides, YOU don't have proof that he WOULDN'T have become the similar kind of hitting machine that Marteen is.

Let me tell you something.  These guys?  They were always this good.  Just because Braves brass didn't see it or chose not to use them that way does not mean they are LESS THAN just because they're sitting on the bench.  That was part of why the Braves were as good as they were for 2010.  The bench.  Brooks Conrad played a HUGE role in getting us into the playoffs.  And you know who else did?  Omar Infante.

Someone's injured?  You're going to have to do more fancy maneuvering because you don't have Omar Infante to sub in anymore.  Now, we have Prado.  And as much as I absolutely love and adore Marteen, let's not forget that he gets hurt.  And he plays hurt.  A lot.  That's when a second super utility WHO IS HAS ALL-STAR CAPABILITIES would come in freakin' handy, don't you think?

I'm well aware of what Dan Uggla is supposed to be bringing to the table.  And hurray, he's a Brave.  But I don't feel one bit bad about putting high expectations on him.  Because he cost me one of my lovies, and one of my friends' lovies, and I'm still pissed about it.

Normally, I give them (new Braves) a chance to get accustomed.  Dan Uggla, unfair as it might be, ain't gettin' any such chance.  He damn well better dazzle and shine and hit a freakin' home run on Opening Day and every other day that he plays.  He better power us right into the playoffs.  OR I'm going to be pissed all season long.