13 September 2010

Josh Johnson (FLA) vs. Derek Lowe (ATL) [29 Aug 2010]

With this post, I am FINALLY done with August photos.  :)  This time, I've uploaded 7.8% of my photos (51 photos, you do the math), and I've put them into a photobucket album.  That way I quit clogging up my blog and making it take forever to load, and that way YOU can just look at the photos at your leisure.  We'll see how long this arrangement lasts.  I do enjoy captioning my photos, so...

In any event, the JJ/D-Lowe game was a Sunday day game... overcast, and below 90 degrees (yes!).  I sat in section 126R, row 22.  (We moved several times... Sunday game + Marlins = move wherever I want.)

I go to the stadium around 11 AM so I could catch Braves BP.  My friend Linda, her boyfriend Spencer, and their friend Lee met up with me later.  I managed some pretty good shots of Braves BP, and got my first taste of getting caught taking photos of the players.  If I didn't feel like a stalker before, I certainly do now.  Luckily, I spotted another lady with a lens similar to the one I was using a section over, but closer to the wall (well, ON the wall, really), so I felt a little bit better.  [PS--For the record, I am NOT a stalker.]

Linda and company arrived a little bit after the game had started, and the Marlins were already on the board.  D-Lowe was having some serious issues.  Also, once again, I am a failure at capturing photos of my friends.  :P  Linda is my HAC sweetie, and we NEVER seem to have photos of any of our outings.  Next time, gadget!!

On to the photos!
Blurry Jonny about to field a ball
Tommy waving at a fan.

Jonny & Tommy getting ready to smile for the camera
(Finished product HERE)

Anibal Sanchez
Did I mention I love pitchers?  Leo Nunez again.

Volstad + Mini-Wes Helms

Hinske ... is a frog.  :P

BMac making fun of Ske

Running Heyward.  I never seem to get any good photos of J-Hey!

I think Martin MIGHT be glaring at me... :(


EOF + Jonny = Smiles

Aly Hearts Martin

Adg Hearts Omar

Martin Hearts Phil... maybe?
Look how cautious/suspicious he is!!

Omar is a BAMF; that's almost a sneer!

Gonzo, looking for one to tear apart

Josh Johnson.
I should have sat on the other side of the diamond to get better photos of the pitchers.

Bobby about to get tossed.

Brooksy is in!

Prado Bubble

MattE, right before he hammers one
 Then it was Mac's turn to bat.  All of my photos of his at-bat turned out VERY blurry.  It was frustrating to see that afterwards, but at the time, I was too busy trying to cheer and pay attention as well as take photos.  And then... well.  Then Mac launches one... and the 1B ump calls it a ground rule double...:
The dugout emptied onto the field as the umps review the very obvious home run.
Look at D-Lee!  
The crowd was going NUTS.  Everybody was doing the home run motion with their hands, and shouting "HOME RUN."  It was brilliant.  Even the players were doing it, but those photos turned out blurry.  At least I managed to get D-Lee doing it.

BMac waiting at 2nd base.
 The umpires come out, and he motions that it was a home run.  As you can see... the boys were a little excited.

check out Meds and his contraption!  Look at Martin rubbing dirt on Mac!

Great game.  :)  The rest of the photos are HERE.  You may notice that I failed, completely, to keep the number of photos in the post down.  Ah, well.


Lauren T. said...


- <3 Jonny, <3 the bubbles, <3 the grand slam faces!

- Can we keep Ske till he retires?

- I know this didn't make your final cut, but I love this one of MattE: http://i787.photobucket.com/albums/yy158/bqyklove/Braves%202010/29AUG/057.jpg

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, what kind of camera do you use?

Alison said...

1. hee, CYBORG HANSON. I love that.
2. <3 bubbles forever.
4. I love that one of MattE, too, actually. I really pondered whether to put that up or the "lean-back" photo.

@fireflies712: I use a Canon Rebel dSLR. I know nothing about cameras beyond that... I'm still learning! :P

Anonymous said...

Photography is a big hobby of mine, you're really good for "still learning" :)

Alison said...

@fireflies712: Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate that! Also, photography is cool. I'd like to learn more about apertures and the like. But I like to think that I am decent with composition. :)