28 September 2011

Best Fans in Baseball

The last series of the season, and I am embarrassed to consider myself part of “Braves Country.” Actually, right now, I’m going to say I am NOT part of Braves Country, because I am NOT impressed with the fans who populate Braves Country.

The last couple of days have been rampant with “boos.” Oh, it’s the Phillies fans, you say. They boo anyone and anything, you say.

I think Braves fans need to take a look at themselves before they make such claims anymore. I don’t care if Phillies fans freakin’ boo the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. That’s better than OUR OWN FANS BOOING OUR OWN BOYS. What is WRONG WITH YOU?

Did Derek Lowe pitch poorly yesterday? Yes. Does that mean you boo him? No. Because in spite of being displeased with his performance, we still have 8 other guys on that field, and 31 other guys in the dugout and in the bullpen, and they need to be cheered on; we’re still trying to pull out a W here, aren’t we? To them, it doesn’t make any difference that YOU are booing specifically Derek Lowe. To them, it sounds like you are BOOING one of THEIR boys, and you may as well be booing THEM.


Parker said...

Aly, I feel terrible for you and other Braves fans after what happened to the season.

There's always next year. Hope springs eternal. *hugs*

Alison W. said...

Thanks! You're my fave. <3